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ITD Telematica Privacy Statement

This privacy statement applies to ITD Telematica websites, services and products that collect data and display these terms, as well as their offline product support services. It does not apply to ITD Telematica sites, services and products that do not display or link to this statement or that have their own privacy statements. Please read the summaries below and click on "Learn More" for more details on a particular topic.

You may also select from the products listed above to view that product's privacy statement. Some products, services or features mentioned in this statement may not be available in all markets. You can find more information on ITD Telematica's commitment to protecting your privacy at

Cookies & Similar Technologies

Most ITD Telematica sites use "cookies", small text files that can be read by a web server in the domain that put the cookie on your hard drive. We may use cookies to store your preferences and settings; help with sign-in; provide targeted ads; to combat fraud; and analyze site operations. We also use web beacons to help deliver cookies and compile analytics. These may include third-party web beacons, which are prohibited from collecting your personal information. You have a variety of tools to control cookies and similar technologies.

How We Use Your Personal Information

ITD Telematica uses the information we collect to operate, improve and personalize the products and services we offer. We also may use the information to communicate with you, for example, informing you about your account and security updates. And we may use the information to help make the ads you see on our ad-supported services more relevant.

Reasons We Share Your Personal Information

Except as described in this privacy statement, we won't disclose your personal information to a third party without your consent.

Accessing Your Personal Information

Some ITD Telematica services give you the ability to view or edit your personal information online. To help prevent others from viewing your personal information, you first will be required to sign in. How you can access your personal information will depend on which sites or services you have used.

Display of Advertising

Most of the online advertisements on ITD Telematica sites and services are displayed by ITD Telematica Advertising Service. When we display online advertisements to you, we will place one or more cookies in order to recognize your computer when we display an ad to you. Over time, we may gather information from the sites where we serve ads and use the information to help provide more relevant ads.